IFH1 Metal Cups

1. These eco-friendly tumblers are made with lead-free & BPA-free material containing no Phthalates to ensure that these cups are free of harmful chemicals and will not retain or impart flavors.
2. They’re also shatterproof and dishwasher safe making them more durable and safer than glass.
3. Easily stackable in order to travel with several cups without taking up too much space. Durable and solid construction allows for reuse and no more polluting plastic cups.
4. Made from high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, they feature a beautiful, sleek satin finish while sitting comfortably in your hand.
5. Perfect for a picnic, day-to-day meals, or a lavish dinner party. Drinks stay chilled longer, so they’re a great choice for outdoor entertaining.
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Item No: Name: Size(mm):
IFH1-67 200ML Metal Cup 72*75
IFH1-68 230ML Metal Cup 72*87
IFH1-69 350ML Metal Cup 82*105
IFH1-70 500ML Metal Cup 88*125
IFH1-A69 350ML Metal Cup 82*105
IFH1-A70 500ML Metal Cup 88*125
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